Monthly Newsletter Service [MORE]

Done-for-you automatic newsletter production and mailing service.

Autopilot Marketing is an automatic marketing tool designed specifically for the computer service industry. Newsletter marketing is a proven tool to help you reach out to your customers and prospects. Autopilot Marketing takes the drudgery out of preparing your custom monthly newsletter. Everything is automated for you, from content to mailing.

We do the marketing you don't do for yourself! Sign-up today for your free account.

*Monthly fee based upon usage charged when production begins on the 11th each month. So, you only pay for what you need. This product is designed specifically for USA customer mailing.

$599.00by quantity
Monthly Content Service [MORE]

Have you been struggling to write a company newsletter?

Don't sweep your ambitions of mailing a company newsletter under the rug. Get off to a great start with our Monthly Content Service. You will receive a fresh four page, full-color newsletter template in Publisher ready for your testimonials or advertisements. Customize it any way you see fit!

$249.00per month
Done For You 3 Letter Campaign [MORE]

As many of you already know, customer prospecting letter series campaigns work! Now your letter campaigns can be fulfilled for you with just a few mouse clicks:

1. Order your campaign
2. Share your vision with us: what is included in your letters?
3. Import your mailing list
4. Upload your customized templates
(If you need assistance, don't hesitate to call. We are here to help.)

What is included? You will receive a shipment containing all the letters for each recipient, customized to your specifications, stamped, sealed, and ready for you to drop in the nearest local mailbox on the appropriate mailing dates. Or you can have us mail them for you from Las Vegas.

Sending letter campaigns has never been easier.

*Price per piece based on specifications for the campaign. The sky is the limit! Let's get started today!

$199.00by quantity
Custom Campaign [MORE]

Any campaign you can dream of can be mailed!

Our Custom Campaign Service includes any type of lumpy mail, card, postcard or letter you can dream up. Even if you are using content from other resources, we can handle the printing and mailing for you or drop ship you the final product ready to mail locally.

Just sign up and upload your artwork or template files along with your address list to get started. We will work with you to develop a quote in just 24 hours and get your project underway.

Don't wait! The time for your marketing is now.

$299.00by quantity
Website Videos For Your Business [MORE]

Ready to put videos on your website? Looking for something unique? Autopilot Marketing is now offering high quality customized informational videos you can use for your website and campaigns.

Take a look at these successful videos already online for our clients:

It's so easy! Just turn in your logo and script - we'll take care of the rest!

(Orders come with 2 revisions, videos are capped at a length of 1 1/2 minutes, and generally take just 7 business days to render.)
$497.00by quantity