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It’s difficult to manage your IT marketing efforts consistently and focus on what really counts, your business. 

At Autopilot Marketing, our priority is taking care of your marketing efforts.  We develop content, you review it, and then we handle all the delivery tasks for you.

Autopilot Marketing does the marketing you don’t do for yourself.

And your customers (and future customers) will be delighted to hear from you on a consistent basis. Think about it… It’s easy! Just sign-up now for your free account and we will guide you through your first newsletter cycle. You can have a custom technology newsletter in the mail in as little as two weeks without any paper cuts!

Remember, direct mail marketing goes where no online posting could even imagine.

A well written direct mail marketing piece, like technology newsletters, give recipients a clear picture of your company. Online media cannot compare to the advantages of the printed word. Readers have immediate gratification with a mailed newsletter. They receive the IT newsletter like a gift and are more relaxed when taking in the stories. Mail is enjoyed as a comfortable leisurely activity instead of a mad shuffle of prioritizing “urgent” messages, emails and postings online that can quickly die in junk mail folders or get buried alive at the bottom of an inbox.

I guarantee your latest tweets, Facebook postings, and blog articles are not printed and passed around unless they are simply too hilarious to pass up. So, why not market with something that will stay alive and well for weeks and months to come sharing a clear image of your company and offerings.

Printed direct mail slips into your recipient’s hands like a warm cup of coffee.

They receive it like a natural element in their work environment and share it willingly with others as a personal recommendation and endorsement.  For example, your printed newsletter will reach more than just your recipient list. It may nestle itself into a cozy space on a desk, coffee table, or in a break room. Sometimes, technology newsletters even get called into business meetings. Direct mail marketing can help you educate contacts about products that can help their business, services you offer and ways you have been successfully supporting others in your community.

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