A company newsletter is the single most important tool for a managed service organizations

So, why haven’t you started one yet?SurveyIcon

I don’t have enough time!  We hear this one all the time. Many IT business owners are piled high with commitments to their current clients, sales efforts, the technology that supports their business and other duties. However, you must find time for marketing at some point in order to keep that sales funnel full. With Autopilot Marketing, we offer a quick easy solution to your time dilemma. Hire a team of professionals to do it for you!

I need to clean up my list first.  Take time to work on your list of contacts so you are ready do start a direct mail campaign. If you need help, we offer a address list clean up service. We will scrub your addresses and send you a final file of clean formatted addresses with a list of the incomplete recipients too (call for pricing.) Remember, newsletters are a quick way to reach wide into your pool of prospects. If you don’t have a sufficient list of prospects, it’s time to dive into purchasing a list. 

Newsletters don’t really work.  Sure they do. We’ve been sending a company newsletter for our managed service company for over five years and we can attribute over $100,000 of sales annually to newsletter leads alone. However, your company newsletter must be sent out every month consistently. Staying in touch with your prospects and clients is a fantastic way to build brand awareness and recognition. A company newsletter allows you to keep your company, products, and service offerings fresh in the minds of your recipients. This is a great way to build your status as a expert in technology services.

Most direct mail gets thrown out.  We’ve thought of that too. Initially we sent our newsletters in a 6 x 9 brown Kraft envelope and one day while chatting with a lawyer friend of mine, he said, “Why don’t you send your newsletter in a 9 x 12 envelope like legal documents? All important mail comes in a larger envelope.” So, we gave it a shot and found that we have a much larger audience now. People tend to open the larger envelopes more often because they are bigger than anything else in their mail box and seriously, all the important things do come in large envelopes!

Direct mail is to expensive!  This seems to be the number one excuse of all times; it always boils down ROI. Will you get your money back? Let’s put it this way, by the end of the first quarter every year our newsletter marketing program has paid for itself through the year end and with us it’s easy to calculate your costs. Autopilot Marketing offers the whole enchilada. We handle everything from the materials, to printing, labor and mailing for one low per piece price paid on a monthly basis so you can cancel anytime.

Let’s talk.  If you have any concerns about sending a company newsletter give Lesa, our Marketing Captain, a call today. She has been in the newsletter marketing field working with VARs like you for years and can help you plan the next step in setting up a company newsletter for your company today.