About Us

Our mission is to empower YOUR business to thrive and grow by providing you with efficient, user-friendly, cost-effective tools to market your businesses.

About Autopilot Marketing

Autopilot Marketing was created by a Managed Service business owner and a seasoned marketer. The business owner spent years struggling through the drudgery of  fulfilling IT marketing campaigns in house. It’s a lot of work to find a company that will execute your marketing plan exactly how you want things done. Striking out with a newsletter printing company that went under, he thought, I can do this. It really can’t be that hard, right?

Unfortunately, to do it well, he had to invest gobs of money and he spent countless hours planning production and laboring to get his direct mail marketing campaigns in the mail. The business owner finally settled on a method to process the mailings but, didn’t know who to mail things to. List building was a whole other breed of animal. From purchasing lists to telemarketing and mailing campaigns, this business owner finally built his prospects list to over 4,000 contacts. This painful process gave him a clear understanding of why many MSPs throw in the towel when it comes to marketing. This is when the business owner and his marketer took off with the idea for Autopilot Marketing, a company focused only on marketing for IT providers.

Today, Autopilot Marketing offers a full-scale marketing solution that gives struggling technology service owners a full staff focused on their IT marketing campaigns. From content writing to production management, laborers, and mailing staff, your covered. Autopilot Marketing ensures your campaigns go out on time, every time. No, there is no secret potion to marketing for IT services. We can’t send you a cure all lotion. We are simply here to help you implement those fabulous marketing ideas you’ve always wanted to take flight.

Our program is about simplicity.

Autopilot Marketing is an automatic marketing tool designed specifically for Managed Service Providers, Computer Consultants and others in the Tech Support industry. Our program takes the drudgery out of preparing marketing materials such as monthly IT newsletters and other direct mail marketing campaigns. After all, the best marketing program doesn’t pay off if it never happens. We make it happen for you!