Tom Andrulis, Sr. Pilot – MSP Newsletter Marketing Guru

IMG_0177Tom Andrulis just made MSP Newsletter Marketing a little easier

Tom Andrulis is the CEO and President of Intelligent Technical Solutions a successful MSP based in Las Vegas. He is a Managed Service business owner with over a decade of marketing experience in the technology service industry. Initially, Tom started out  mailing only a few hundred newsletters mostly to current clients. After the first year, he hadn’t see many results.

Then, he received a phone call from a COLD prospect that had been receiving his newsletter for about 6 months. As a matter of fact, Tom didn’t even know the person was on his newsletter mailing list. Here’s the twist. The person wanted a face-to-face meeting to find out what services Tom could offer to resolve his tech issues. You see, he had been reading each issue of the newsletter and figured, if Tom could get a newsletter like that out the door every month he was still in business for a reason.

After that, Tom decided to kick things up a notch! He started purchasing lists, cleaning them up with telemarketing calls, and adding them to his mailing list. Now, Tom sends over 3,000 newsletters every month. The beauty of it is, in the first quarter each year, the revenue brought in from business due to the newsletter campaigns pays for the newsletter printing and mailing for the whole year. That’s right, in just three short months Tom sees his ROI for the cost of the newsletter mailings annually! So, what has that got to do with you?

Tom thought, if he could produce such results for his company why not help others achieve the same success? Listening to his colleges complain about their marketing woes is now a thing of the past with Autopilot Marketing on the rise.


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