Direct Mail Appreciated By Business Owners

Sometimes, there is just too much digital stuff to read. There are e-newsletters, e-invites, e-announcements, white papers, articles online, blogs, and of course the black hole of e-mail in general. Business owners don’t always have the bandwidth to read new media as it comes in so more often than not, your marketing messages are discarded. Direct mail gives them something to take with them. They can read it while they refill their coffee in the morning or review as they wait for their lunch.

Recently, we mailed out a post card invitation, put it into an envelope with a snack sized Slim Jim beef jerky stick. This invitation was for a lunch-and-learn event we hold every quarter. This quarter, we hosted it at a great little Brazillian Steakhouse. The post card said, “Here’s a snack to tide you over…” This clever campaign was well accepted so much that we wanted to share our first reply with you:

” I receive your mailers periodically and I am interested in getting in touch with an IT group and you are the only IT group that ever sends anything that is not electronic. I really appreciate that and I would like to RSVP for your luncheon please.”

In our world of technology, a simple paper invitation with a beef stick broke through to our contacts. We have received an overwhelming response from these little mailers and would love to help you with your next invitation.

Are you hosting an event? Ready to mail invitations? Give us a call or drop us an email. We can mail anything you can dream up!