Why does Direct Mail work for MSP’s?


Direct Mail marketing just for MSP’s like you!

You may be wondering if direct mail marketing really works. The answer is, yes! But why?

Suppose you are a lawyer and every morning when you open your doors, there on your desk is a list of the qualified leads. They have a case, they are in need of your services, and they are ready to pay. All you have to do is make calls. Wouldn’t that be easy?

Well, that is how direct mail works. First you build your list of prospects based on past work, relationships, surveys, associations or list purchased for your organization. Then you make the first round of calls to qualify the contacts you have and start your marketing campaigns (direct mail and online marketing). Over time, you will see leads trickle in continually ready to order. They will be familiar with your company, the offerings you’ve made and ready to explore new opportunities.

Why do mailings work for MSP’s?  Direct mail can be highly efficient and cost effective because there is no spam filter for a mailbox and you have full control over the cost. Your messages will always be received one way or another by each recipient. Even if the receptionist is the only one reading your services and information, you will be seen. Newsletters, postcards and greeting cards are honestly the best way to grab your recipients attention. Keep in mind, you have just 3 seconds to grab a persons attention before they decide to read more or trash your mailing. Top of the mind awareness is where it’s at. The more touches you can make with a variety of presentations, the better. People are more likely to use an IT company they are familiar with versus Googling and picking randomly from the listings.

Refine your list with every campaign. Each time you send a marketing campaign (direct mail, e-campaigns, or any outlet) refine your list to eliminate those contacts that you’ve deemed bad prospects. This will come naturally as you make connections with calls and e-mails building a relationship with each contact. Sounds like a lot of work, but the more you know about your potential customers, the easier they are to reach and sell. The more non-customers you can eliminate from your list the lower the marketing costs will go and the more refined your list will become.

The main thing to remember about marketing of any kind is that nothing works in every situation. Direct mail is not a magic potion. Marketing requires a pronged approach including direct mail, online marketing, even radio or billboard ads, with a personal touch like a phone call or e-mail to really be successful. Think about the Rule of Seven. It takes prospects about 7 times of seeing or hearing about your message before they will take action. So, keep reaching out consistently and in a variety of ways.