MSP Resources Page – NEW!

autopilot-switchSee what’s new here on the Autopilot Marketing MSP Resources page where we share the fantastic resources we use for our own MSP, Intelligent Technical Solutions, and have found effective for our clients. Take a look! You will find helpful tools for many of the problem areas you may have been stumped on like hiring technicians or handling those pesky back-ups with ease.

Replibit Licensing – By Intelligent Technical Solutions

This software is a must have for all Managed Service Providers. This is the only set of business continuity and disaster recovery tools you will ever need.

Real reviews from MSP Business Owners you may know:

“Now we can house off-site data at extremely low rates! Replibit has transformed the way we care for our clients. This solutions is a solid foundation for any managed service provider to offer reliable encrypted backups in as low as 15 minute intervals and disaster recovery that you can click and restore.”
~ Tom Andrulis, Intelligent Technical Solutions

“Our backups use to be so time consuming and riddled with failure notifications. With Replibit, we can view all our back-ups in one easy access area, push out patches and virtualize any machine we need. Thank you Replibit!
~ Daniel Wang, Jexet

HireSelect – By Critera Corp

HireSelect offers aptitude, personality and skills tests to help you streamline your hiring process and find the right talent.

Real reviews from MSP Business Owners you may know:

“Now we can go through applicants fast and find the people that are truly a great fit for our business and culture. The HireSelect program has allowed us to hire over 6 quality employees in just one year and they are still with us today committed to our company goals and progress.

~ Tom Andrulis, Intelligent Technical Solutions