Privacy Policy

Autopilot Marketing is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of anyone that receives mail communications from you through our marketing services. This document outlines our policies and our team’s efforts to enforce them. Autopilot Marketing’s privacy policy goes beyond the standard robot issued privacy policies no one ever reads; we make it our business to keep your information safe. If you ever have any questions regarding our policies, staff or order processing contact us any time.

POLICY ON CUSTOMER AND ACCOUNT INFORMATION:  Log-in or access to Autopilot Marketing is only possible from our webpage with your log-in credentials. We do everything we can to make sure your customer lists, content and information remains private and confidential. Though we reserve the right to monitor your lists and content, we will never sell or rent your content or customer data to anyone for any reason. We will not sell your mailing list or sell to your list of recipients. We will not rent out your list ever! Under no circumstances will Autopilot Marketing share your information or customer’s personal information with any third party. We reserve the right to collect certain aggregate information about our customers and we only use this information to improve our offerings and do a better job of marketing them. We may also report such information – always in aggregate form and never in a way that could identify individuals – to third parties, such as newspapers or industry observers or potential customers and partners in the form of statistics. We will always call or email you personally for testimonials so we can brag with your blessing!!!

CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION POLICY:  The only emails you will receive from Autopilot Marketing will be emails related to your account, your orders, marketing requests, or special offers (unless you opt out). We may also periodically alert you to new features or site enhancements as things change. We might also check in with you to see how your last campaign went from time to time. Some of those emails may be directed to all customers, and some of them may be written just for you. As always, feel free to contact our Marketing Captain anytime if you every have any questions regarding an email, communication, or our services in general.

BILLING INFORMATION:  Autopilot Marketing requires certain credit card and billing information in order to sign-up for an active account. That information is obtained through secure channels via email or over the phone and then stored in a trusted third party resource for processing. The information is then encrypted using Data Encryption and securely stored to handle your transactions with Autopilot Marketing only.

FROM ALL OF US HERE AT AUTOPILOT MARKETING, THANK YOU! We know how difficult marketing can be. We greatly appreciate your time and willingness to delegate this important task to US and will honor our continued commitment to provide high quality marketing products with a tiny price tag.


Lesa Carter, Marketing Captain   Toll-Free (855) 229-6862