Why Newsletters? Your Contacts Love Them!

heart-curve-mdNewsletters have a special place in our hearts.  Here’s why:

  • — Newsletters are not an outright advertisement so, they’re not as irritating as a full on sales pitch.
  • — Newsletters allow you to casually brag about the way you work and the kinds of services you provide.
  • — Newsletters give your clients other information they need to know, purely because you want them to have it, no obligation to buy, and they like that.
  • — Newsletters are fun to read – when was the last time a client or prospect told you your phone book ad or banner ad online was fun to read?

Sending your newsletter periodically is a reminder to your clients that you’re still available for their referrals, still interested in their welfare, still engaged in the marketplace and you’re surviving the economic trials of our economy. One of our clients actually had a gruff prospect call and say that he wanted a meeting to learn about services because he had been reading their newsletter for 6 months and figured if they could keep putting out a good newsletter they were dedicated to their business and he wanted to get services started for his company.

Sure, newsletters only take you so far. You do have to warm up your prospects more with your killer sales pitch in person, but your company newsletter gives your company a bit of transparency that prospects are generally not use to receiving so early on in a business to business relationship. So, go ahead and show off a bit! Start a company newsletter for your organization today!