Your Company Newsletter is Cleared For Takeoff!


Lesa Carter, Marketing Captain

Hello, my name is Lesa Carter and I am the Marketing Captain for Autopilot Marketing. I have a wonderful opportunity for you to initiate and execute a newsletter marketing program today! According to the 2012 Channel Preference Survey from Exact Target, “65% of people who receive direct mail have made a purchase or engages in a different marketing channel as instigated by the sender.” How can you ignore results like that?
Think about it… Your clients and prospects may be seeking services elsewhere. If they could only see up close and personal what your company offers and have your information in hand when they are making important business decisions, you could receive more new business, referrals and conversion sales. How can we make a claim like that? We have been sending newsletters out for our own technology service organization since 2006 and we’ve seen tremendous responses. So good, we experience a full return on our annual investment in the first quarter every year. That’s right, the sales we bring in from our company newsletter alone over the first three months each year, fund our newsletter and other marketing efforts throughout year!

What about online marketing?  With the influx of social media sites today, many business owners have been sucked into an endless funnel of tweets, Facebook postings, blog articles, and check-in’s. Does it all really pay off? Yes, sometimes if you can truly measure your time and efforts and calculate your return on the investment you can see results from online marketing. Sometimes, your tweets do reach the right audience and spur action. Sometimes, your Facebook posting inspire a prospect to check out your website. Sometimes, a blog article pushes a reader to the next level. But does it really share your organization’s vision, work, and success?

Direct mail goes where no online posting could even imagine.  A well written direct mail newsletter gives recipients a clear picture of your company. Online media cannot compare to the advantages of the printed word. Readers have immediate gratification with a mailed newsletter. They receive the newsletter like a gift and are more relaxed when taking in the stories. Mail is enjoyed as a comfortable leisurely activity instead of a mad shuffle of prioritizing “urgent” messages, emails and postings online that can quickly die in junk mail folders or get buried alive at the bottom of an inbox.

I guarantee your latest tweets, Facebook postings, and blog articles are not printed and passed around unless they are simply too hilarious to pass up. So, why not market with something
that will stay alive and well for weeks and months to come
sharing a clear image of your company and offerings.

Printed direct mail slips into your recipient’s hands like a warm cup of coffee. They receive it like a natural element in their work environment and share it willingly with others as a personal recommendation and endorsement.  Your printed newsletter will reach more than just your recipient list. It may nestle itself into a cozy space on a desk, coffee table, or in a break room. Sometimes, newsletters even get called into business meetings.

There is no secret potion to newsletter marketing. We won’t send you a cure all lotion. If you never start your company newsletter, it will just never get done!!! I know you are secretly hoping your company newsletter will boil to the surface of your priority list and somehow push itself out the door. Its ok we are all guilty of procrastination. But, Autopilot Marketing is here to boost your initiative, inspiring you to get a quality newsletter out now, and keep it on track for the long haul. Newsletters have never been easier!
Our program is about simplicity. Autopilot Marketing is an automatic marketing tool designed specifically for Managed Service Providers, Computer Consultants and others in the Tech Support industry. Our program takes the drudgery out of preparing marketing materials such as monthly newsletters and other direct mail campaigns. After all, the best newsletter program doesn’t pay off if it never happens. We make it happen for you!

What do we do?  EVERYTHING! Yes, I said it, everything! Autopilot Marketing offers a full-scale solution that gives you content writers, production managers, laborers, and trained direct mail agents to ensure your campaigns go out on time, every time. Autopilot Marketing is a subscription based model. When you join, you provide us with a few things:
•    A high-resolution version of your logo, suitable for print use
•    Your mailing list in electronic format
•    Your preferences for mailing your campaign
•    Payment information
Every month, Autopilot Marketing creates a standard template for the upcoming production cycle. The newsletter is created in Publisher and released on the 1st each month. From there, you have until the 10th to customize the file, make any changes you see fit, and upload your final template with your mailing list.
On the 11th, production begins. We print either the stock newsletter or your customized version, and process your envelopes too. This is the point of no return, so your job is to make sure all your changes are submitted on time or you have contacted us to make arrangements. Don’t worry, we will email you reminders for every deadline and encourage you to review the stock newsletter, upload your final template, and update your address list.

If you’re too busy to work on the newsletter, it works on Autopilot too!  We will produce and mail your newsletter every month with no effort on your part so you can take that trip to the Bahamas worry free.

If you do nothing… we fill the stock template newsletter with your preferences from the previous month’s template including everything from your company logo and tag line to your company address, phone and standard advertisements. Then we will print and mail it out to the people on your address list. So, missing the deadline can still be fruitful.

Need our services? Give me a call today. In as little as 30 minutes we can get your flight plans figured out and start the process for your first company newsletter.